Relish Hospitality Website

Client: Relish Hospitality

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, PHP

Relish Hospitality is Norfolk based catering and hospitality company with over 15 years experience in wedding planning, event management, business consultation and in-house staff training. Relish commissioned us to create a website to showcase they're services that was also modern and stylish.

Premier Dream Properties Website

Client: Premier Dream Properties

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Premier Dream Properties is a family run overseas property investment company based in Gateshead. My brief was to create a content managed website that would allow the easy update of the companies property portfolio, mainly using data from XML feeds. The resulting site was created using PHP with a mySQL backend database.

The Raw Food School Website

Client: The Raw Food School

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, ASP, MS Access, Flash

The Raw Food School runs classes in London and Glastonbury on creating meals using only uncooked ingredients. I was briefed to create a website with a bespoke content management system that would allow easy update of the site and purchase of classes places through paypal. The site was developed in ASP using an MS Access database backend.

Sneek Creative Company Website

Client: Sneek Creative

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, Flash

Sneek Creative is an illustration and animation company company working in Kings Lynn and Leeds. They required the construction of a website which would to best illustrate their work and I constructed a flash site based on their designs.

"Sky By Wire" microsite (Archived)

Client: Sky Television/ Silver Bullet

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, Flash

Sky By Wire was a monthly updated microsite used to promotes Sky Television's services on the Homechoice platform. The flash banner created for the top of the first page was programmed to load a group of images with set file names so that the it could be easily updated each month by simply replacing the files. This had the added bonus of keeping the file sizes smaller as well.

"The Sports Phone" Website (Archived)

Client: 02 / Cantor Sports / Finex Communications Group PLC

Technologies used: XHTML, CSS, ASP, Flash

Created for O2, the Sports Phone website was the first website I constructed with a strict adherence to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.

Sky Flash Advertising Banners (Archived)

Client: Sky Television / Finex Communications Group PLC

Technologies used: Flash

Used to promote Sky Television's latest offers and programming, the brief for these flash advertising banners was for maximum impact with minimum file size. This required careful animation and action scripting where needed.

Cable & Wireless "Agenda" Newsletter (Archived)

Client: Cable & Wireless / Finex Communications Group PLC

Technologies used: HTML

A monthly updated news letter for Cable & Wireless.

"Which Footballer Are You?" Worldcup 2002 Website (Archived)

Client: 02 / Finex Communications Group PLC

Technologies used: HTML, ASP

One of the must successful websites I've developed, the "Which Footballer Are You?" website was created to tie in with the 2002 world cup and was visited by over two million people before it was retired.

Hp Jornada Flash Demonstration (Archived)

Client: HP / Finex Communications Group PLC

Technologies used: Flash

Briefed to create an online demonstration of the Jornada 928, I created an interactive flash site to give the best presentation of the product.